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We have developed one of the fastest and easiest to deploy CMS solutions available. XS CMS. XS stands for extra small, extra smart and cross platform capable.

Easier to manage and update than WordPress for many every day small tasks, XS CMS makes content management simple, fast and effective.

Deployment of XS CMS is effortless from a development perspective. An XS CMS can be deployed in literally minutes and support for existing database tables can be completed in literally the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee.

Failover and Redundancy
We want our clients to have a simple hassle free online presence. Sure, outages are inevitable but our approach is both pragmatic and cost effective.

By utilising multiple providers and an advanced domain-level failover monitoring solution we create a highly available and redundant hosting solution for our clients that keeps their website online more often than relying on just one particular host.

By utilising multiple data centers in multiple locations we eschew the large costs involved in riding out denial of service attacks that will bring down most major networks... simply by switching to other networks while the attack is happening.

Fast and responsive
If you need a website that is fast, responsive, easy to update and simple to manage with a seamless failover network to keep it online then please contact xs developments.

We will gladly sit down and discuss your requirements and ensure that what we can provide is a good fit to your business. Our development strategy and style is unique and is not a perfect fit for everyone. Thus, making sure that your website desires plays to our strengths as well as yours is very important to us.

We want to make sure that you not only end up with a great website but the right business solution.

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