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Content Management

Being in control of your website content is very important.

Being in control of your website is just as important as how it is presented to your audience. You can spend a lot of time and effort making your website look fabulous - but at the end of the day, your customers are more concerned about what information your website holds - whether it is up-to-date and whether your website can be used in the future as a reliable source of information.

At XS Developments we present our clients with a complete end-to-end Content Management solution. Instead of providing you with a website that you update by sending us text and images, we provide you with an interface that allows you to make direct updates to your website. By direct, we don't mean fiddling around with your web pages HTML! That is done automatically for you. What you control and what you are concerned about is your website content. Your online catalogue system. Your prices. Your products. Your services. All of the important detail that is the very reason why you set up a website in the first place is there for you to control.

Power With Control

A website is a powerful tool for business. It is a 24 hour spokesperson. It is the frontdesk with information. In most cases, it is the first point of call for prospective customers. This tool can work to your advantage, but it can also work to your disadvantage. If your customers see your website as simply a sugar coated topping with no information value (the content is old or not updated), they will simply dismiss your website as a tool for future reference. Your website is only good for your business if people use it. It has the power to drive business towards you and also take business away from you. For instance: Would you, as a customer, go with Business A - which has an information poor website? Or would you go with Business B which has a website that is always up-to-date? Items you are interested in monitoring such as products, specials and new and exciting content are easy to browse using Business B's website. At least from your own perspective, going with Business B means you simply have to view their website whereas with Business A, the next most convenient thing to do would be to ring them up! And that is not always possible - especially if it is 2 in the morning and you are deciding what products to buy the next day.

Get more business from your website

People use the Internet as an information resource. For many businesses, the information content on their website can make or break customer relations and form new relationships that would otherwise not have been possible (think interstate and overseas customers). People are lazy by nature. It's funny, but it's true. If a customer can browse through your website and get the information s/he requires, they are more likely to refer to your business in the future as the information is readily available to them.

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